Agile Product Management

Collaborate to design, build and maintain high quality, sustainable products that delight the customer.

It is about value, not cost

A cheap plastic object. Or a highly desirable toy for a six-year old?

Understand your customer, understand his pains and provide a solution for them. It is not only 'requirements', but also desirability, quality, sustainability, environmental impact, social impact...

Learn about the customer while building the product.  It is no use building the perfect product that nobody wants.

Learn about Lean Start-up

 It is no use building the perfect product that nobody wants. 

That is why we want to learn about what the customer wants even while we are building the product.

Our first step is to formulate a hypothesis about what the customer might want and then build the Minimum Viable Product that can test that hypothesis. If we are right about the customer, we expand the MVP. Otherwise we pivot, maybe to a different customer segment, or we stop altogether.

And we do not stop learning. The reaction by the customer to each new feature will tell us more, generate new ideas for new features. 

We grow our product. Together with the customer.

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Adopt Design Thinking

Design thinking starts with the customer. What issue does (s)he have, what contributes to the problem, think broad. Then converge towards a potential solution.

 Start with the customer. Define Persona's that may want to use your solution. Use an Empathy Map or the Customer Journey to better understand their situation and hopes and fears. 

Converge on a solution. You now understand what value your product can bring to the customer and what each of your persona's expects. Share in the team: we all want to work on a product that makes life better for our customers.

Agile has helped reinvent product management.

Focus on the customer, emptahize with his needs, learn what has value for him. And align your teams to optimalle serve these customers.