Achieving Your Ambitions
Podcast: Chris Parker Interviews Karen De Boeck

Karen De Boeck is agile coach and organization coach, supporting people, teams and organizations to maximise their impact and deliver results in a human way. Her passion is to help them actively realize their ambitions, positively define feasible steps, find balance between a guiding structure and space for selforganisation. To collectively and humanly deliver results they are proud of.

During the conversation, Karen shares three area’s of focus she combines to grow organizations to deliver successfully in a humanly sustainable way:
1. Use frameworks with focus on value creation according your own purpose, your ‘why’. As examples she mentions Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile, DevOps,…
2. Dare to adapt your organization structure and governance to enable a healthy balance between structure and selforganisation. Examples here are Sociocracy 3.0 and Team Topologies. Whatever you focus on, grows. Actively build learning teams and a learning organization, adaptive for continuous change and increasing results.
3. Start where you are, two feet on earth, with respect and recognition of what works well. She shares examples based on positive psychology.

Listen to Karen's podcast.

Learn more: https://ebullient.com/podcast/achieving-ambitions/.

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