Charge Up a Learning Team (in Agile20 Reflect Festival)

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Teams and change

If teams have learned only one thing from the current crisis, it is this: change is inevitable. The only way to stay happy and productive is to adapt organically to a changing environment.

This is what Team Learning is all about.

Team-Learning is developed by Organisatie 4.0.

Experience Team Learning

TeamLearning unleashes the creative and constructive forces in a team.

In this event you will experience how. We use small break-out groups to host multiple, highly interactive workshops. In these workshops, you will engage in practical exercises to find answers to the questions: 

  • Why should management and teams care about Team-Learning? 

  • How do I create an energized environment that fosters Team-Learning?

  • What tools help my team(s) to start and continue on their Team-Learning journey?

Your hosts during the session

We will host you as a team. ADJUGO and Organisatie 4.0 team up for this event to jointly present this session, as well as the Charge Up a Learning Organization session.

So you will meet Linda Dorlandt, Karen De Boeck, Remi-Armand Collaris, Jürgen Maus and Chris Verlinden to guide you through the session.

Charge Up a Learning Team is free of charge, as our contribution to the Agile 20 Reflect Event.

Do not pull grass if you want it to grow, water it.


From 12/02/2021 15:00
To 12/02/2021 18:00


Adjugo and Stichting Organisatie 4.0
+32 474891705

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