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Wouldn’t it be nice to close your laptop after an online day on MS-Teams or Zoom, full of energy? Do you want to get more out of online working? Make your online meetings more interactive, creative and more energizing? It’s easier than you think, and in one year of Covid a lot of experiments turned into best practices.

Boost your online meetings by stimulating interaction between the participants, and by making the results visual. Combine video conferencing tools and virtual whiteboards with the modern office applications to have results as great as brown paper, markers, post-its and coloured dot-votes are in live sessions.

The real challenge is: how do we get out more of the tools, and how can we remotely stimulate participants, to have inspiring facilitated sessions that give great outcome and engaged people.


For you?

Target audience is everyone who experiences one or more of these challenges:

  •           In our meetings we focus on discussing action points

  •           At this moment, we take care less of ourselves and each other than we used to be

  •           Remote collaboration is perceived as energy-draining

  •           Not all participants take part actively in the conversations and the decision taking

  •           Due to back-to-back online meetings, there is no time left for the ‘real’ work so we try to do this in parallel during meetings

  •       We have the impression as a team that for now we no longer improve

 The training virtual facilitation and inspiration, provides you with a backpack of interactive practices to cope with these challenges. At the same time, you get insights in the impact of remote working on people.


We share our insights, best practices, hands-on examples from our own practice as facilitators, individual and team coaches, trainers and international conference speakers.

  • Brain friendly remote working (what does remote working with our brain and what can we do to reduce these effects)

  • Personality types and remote working (who needs what to remain effective)

  • Prepare and facilitate online meetings

  • Set-up and apply virtual whiteboards

  • Use of polls and quizzes (to get the opinion of the group and check the level of alignment)

  • Energy boost during virtual meetings (tips to get more interaction and energy during a meeting)

  • Inspiring examples from our practice

  • Exercises applicable in your practice

The session is very interactive and hands-on, and what you learn is immediately applicable to your own context. So, immediately after the training your online meetings will have more impact and give more energy than they cost. To the facilitator and the participants.



After this training, you can:

  •           Run online meetings in a relaxed way

  •            Use and design interactive work formats for your meetings

  •           Facilitate participants to get to commonly supported results and decisions

  •           Find and create supportive visuals

  •           Train your colleagues in interactively participate to online meetings

The workshop formats are based on the book “Praktisch op weg naar Teamresultaat”. All virtual formats stimulate TeamLearning, with the ultimate goal to get happier teams delivering better results. The work formats stimulate the growth mindset an a continuous process of experimenting, learning and improvement. To deliver a continuous contribution to increasing customer value.


From 18/03/2021 09:00
To 19/03/2021 17:00


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