Agile Product Development: the customer at the center

Trends in Agile transformations

Agile Product Development: the customer at the center

Proposed by Dimitri Bauwens

Business goals are often defined in vague terms by senior stakeholders. Only a few people really understand what those goals are.

So how are the developers (who should execute those goals) going to know what they are trying to accomplish? How do they react to unforeseen events - and we know these always happen during a development project) when they don’t know the goals? Will their decision lead them further astray?

We need to create the right organisational conditions so that they can accomplish their task.

Knowing why to build the product is sometimes more important than knowing what to build. Knowing why to build something is helps in making decisions concerning cost, scope and timelines.

In this workshop we introduce  impact mapping. This technique facilitates a better shared understanding and planning on different levels. And it therefore makes prioritization easier.


Practical Info

18/02/2020 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)
3 hours 30 minutes